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New Blog

Hello friends, clients, fans and everyone else!  After an entire YEAR of not blogging, I’ve finally gotten a new blog for the studio.

What happened Karen?  Why did you take a year off?

Previously, I used Blogger for my blog, but I hosted it on my own website.  They decided to change things up and force us to use their own servers for everything.  Not wanting to play their games, I thought I’d be “smart” and switch companies.  Well, I have enough knowledge to be self sufficient, but not enough to make the switch a seamless one.  Somehow, I “broke” my blog.  I could not migrate it into this new fancy WordPress one.

Then, last March, we had a very small fire in the fuse box.  That threw my office into chaos.  I moved out for months while Ferber Electric did the repairs and my husband did a beautiful remodel.  The next thing I remember, it was the fall and I was deep in the throws of crazy family schedules, and all the fall/winter crazy studio stuff.  High school seniors, families and bunches of babies are much more fun that trying to fix, create or re-do a blog.

So, here I am.  Finally getting around to this task.

I know many of you kept up on Facebook.  That’s awesome.  Please keep up that contact.  Facebook is a TERRIFIC social site.  🙂  I want to apologize to all the rest of you for making you think the blog was a “dud”.

Thank you to my wonderful clients who kept me busy in 2010.  I might not have blogged about your sessions or shared your portraits, but I loved all the terrific stuff we did together last year.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011 and beyond.

Karen Thaemert –

Photographer, St. Charles, MO


One response to “New Blog

  1. Barb February 1, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    After viewing a friend’s baby pictures taken by Karen, I had to leave a comment. Karen did an amazing job. They are not the typical baby pictures you see. I can’t wait to refer my friends to her.

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