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Another 1 Year Old {Baby Photographer in St. Charles}

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Sigh… It’s hard to believe that another of my little baby plan babies has turned one. What’s even more difficult to comprehend is the fact that I photographed big sister throughout her first year and beyond. Time really does fly. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching your own children grow or some one else’s family. I guess that’s why my job is so important. I get to freeze a few moments every couple of months/years and preserve expressions, memories, chunky cheeks (and legs). I am so thankful to be a part of your lives. ūüôā

This was a typical 1-year session. We got some formal poses, some informal ones, a few playing, some in the bucket and even a couple with big sis. I just love all the many expressions I got from her. (If memory serves correctly, it was probably my little helper, Sarah, who got all these expressions).

One year old studio portraits in St. Louis area by St Charles Baby Photographer

Our studio specializes in all things baby! ¬†From maternity to toddler days and beyond, we are equipped for the little ones. ¬†Older children can play in a fully-stocked toy area only steps from where we are photographing. ¬†Our residential studio is both comfortable and familiar for your young family. ¬†Joining the Baby Steps, Baby’s first year program¬†means you’ll capture important milestones in your baby’s life. ¬† You’ll receive a beautiful, 10×20 framed collage with one image from each session. ¬†That’s a gorgeous keepsake you will always treasure!

Call Karen today or Click here to Email to sign up.   Remember, we photograph numerous babies for the plan and most families schedule 3-4 months in advance before they leave the studio at a current session.   Please call today if you want your first choice for session times!

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Karen Thaemert, CPP

Serving St. Charles, St. Peters and the surrounding areas.



3 & 6 Month Sweetie {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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I just adore this little sweetie. ¬†My youngest daughter calls her “Ladybug”. ¬†Well, Ladybug is just about the happiest little baby I’ve ever met. ¬†She gave me smiles, smirks, silly faces, serious looks and pretty much everything in-between. ¬†These photos are from the first two of four sessions as part of the Baby Steps, Baby’s first year plan. ¬†Her color “theme” is bright colors so the collage photo for 3 months features a bright pink flower and a bright orange one in the 6 month pose.

So, first I’ll share a few of my favorites from the 6 month portrait session. ¬†I just love the hot pink beads with her bright flower headband! ¬†Nothing cuter that a little baby bootie, huh? ¬†That hat box belongs to the client’s family (I need one of those… ¬†I should probably get one before they are gone.) ¬†LOL ¬†That’s her pig and we thought it was SO cute when she was playing with it and the dress-up pearls. ¬†It was such a fun session!! ¬†Oh, and mom kept with the silver theme with another beautiful dress. ¬†I love it!

6 Month Baby Girl Portraits by St Charles Baby Photographer

And here are a few from her 3 month photo shoot. ¬†Don’t you love her silver dress? ¬†It’s so¬†nontraditional¬†and absolutely adorable! ¬†I wanted a pose where the dress was completely visible. ¬†The last one was the perfect way to show it off and show her sweet smile! ¬†The 3 month photo session is often the toughest one for smiles and keeping baby’s attention. ¬†Thankfully, this was a very enjoyable session! ¬†Here she is…

3 Month Portraits by St Charles Baby Photographer

Most baby plan participants select a 4-session plan. ¬†That means that I photograph four times between 3 months and 1 year. ¬†The 3 month milestone is when baby can hold her head high when resting on an incline or a parent’s shoulder. ¬†The 6 month milestone is when she can sit unassisted. ¬†Although, that white bowl will help an unsteady baby sit a little better than flat on the ground. ¬†Later on, at the 9 month session we celebrate standing while holding on, and at the 12 month we celebrate the first birthday! ¬†(Hopefully not walking! ¬†LOL)

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Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby Photographer

Serving St. Charles, St. Louis, St. Peters, Troy Missouri and the surrounding areas

Baby turns 3 Months {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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Today I am sharing with you a very sweet little baby girl and her family. ¬†You’ll get to see her again since she is another baby on the Baby Steps, First Year plan. ¬†(Yes, pretty much all my babies are on the portrait plan. ¬†It’s a GREAT deal) ¬†First, is her 3 month photo session. ¬†In my opinion, that session is the toughest one of all the ages and stages. ¬†It really is rare to get smiles so I’m thrilled to have so many cute expressions from her. ¬†The other thing that makes it so tough is the fact that they no longer sleep curled up like a newborn but they cannot yet sit unassisted. ¬†Actually, it’s difficult for a 3 or 4 month baby to sit propped in a poser or basket!

So, here she is… showing off her strength. ¬†Look how well she holds up her head! ¬†Don’t you just love the purple and green together?

3 Month Portraits of little girl by St Charles Baby Photographer

And, since I have frequently not kept up with the blog, I’ll share a few favorites from both the maternity and newborn photo shoots. ¬†I had a nice challenge photographing mom for the maternity since this is our second maternity session together. ¬†I wanted to give her unique poses yet make it familiar enough to coordinate with the first pregnancy. ¬† She’s such a beautiful mom and mom-to-be! ¬†Here’s a few of the proud dad too (who by the way is GREAT with the kids!)

Maternity Newborn portraits by St Charles Baby Photographer

I hear clients tell me all the time, “I wish I had gotten maternity portraits done”, or “I wish I had done this with the first pregnancy”. ¬†The thing is that you can never get those days back. ¬†You try to remember what it was like and how you looked. ¬†(Ok, some of the time, we try to forget), but for the most part, it is so important to have a memory of that special time. ¬†Look how quickly the days and months pass by. ¬†I’m preparing for that little girl’s 6 month session in the near future!

Call the studio today and schedule your baby’s appointment. ¬†Thanks for allowing ME to document those special milestones in your family’s lives. ¬†Time really does fly!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby photographer at your service! (also newborn and family photographer)

St. Charles, St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

636-947-5956 (studio line)

Sweet 1 year old {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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Today I want to share an adorable little girl at her 12 month photo session. ¬†She was part of the Baby’s First Year portrait plan. ¬†Each of her sessions were cuter than the previous. ¬†This one was probably my favorite one! ¬†She really liked posing for me. ¬†The cake shots were pretty much perfect (she smiled, made a little mess but not too much, and I got some great shots), she loved the bubble bath in the yellow bucket and dare I say it? ¬†She posed just perfectly in the bath towel.

It’s funny. ¬†I get the bath towel shot only about 25% of the time. ¬†Most babies are pretty much done with photos by that point and would much rather crawl around and get OUT of the towel. ¬†This was a nice change!

Don’t you just LOVE the colors from this session? ¬†The soft pink, tan and yellow coordinate just perfectly. ¬†Oh, and I got to use my favorite painted drop again! ¬†Double score!!

St Charles Baby Photographer First Birthday portraits

The Baby Steps, First Year plan is a great way to document your baby’s first year. ¬†It’s crazy how much babies change in that first year! ¬†The plan is for 3 (or 4) sessions between the ages of 3 months and 1 year. ¬†Most of our clients opt in for that 4th session. ¬† ¬†If you sign up for 3 sessions, you will bring your baby at the ages of 3 or 4 months, again at 6 or 7 months and finally at 12 months. ¬†For the 4-session plan, you simply bring baby at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. ¬†Those ages coordinate with the ¬†stages of the first year (holding head up, sitting, standing, first birthday).

This current Baby Plan has been an active part of our studio for the past five years and our clients LOVE it.  Call today if you have a new baby to schedule your first year sessions.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

The FAVORITE St. Charles baby photographer!


6 Month Baby Girl {St Charles Baby Photography}

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I am very excited to share this session with you. ¬†I got to use one of my favorite backdrops and also one of my newer ones! ¬†I just love how all of the photos turned out. ¬†I’m sharing images from another baby’s first year plan participant. ¬†Her big sister is a graduate of the Baby Steps plan. ¬†I love seeing these little ones grow from newborn or 3 months of age through the first birthday. ¬†The photos below are from her 6 month photo shoot. ¬†She is showing off her newest skill of sitting on her own. ¬†I love this age because we get to put babies on and in so many different props and posing boxes/baskets/buckets.

The beautiful tan/sage/pink background is a hand-painted drop which I’ve had for a number of years, but it’s not often requested. ¬†I have to say that it’s easily one of my favorite formal backdrops. ¬†I think it worked PERFECTLY with her pink tutu and head-bow. ¬†The pearls are mine and added an extra special touch to some of the poses.

Now, that RED background is my new door. ¬†You can see it a little better in Tommy’s Senior session post below. ¬†I really intended to use it with teens and little boys, but within the first two weeks of having it here at the studio, I realized that it’s great for little girls too. ¬†I think it’s perfect with my black and white damask hat box. ¬†Don’t you? ¬†As soon as I saw the outfit her mommy brought, the ideas started churning in my head and I fell in love with this new set.

Well, on to the photos. ¬†That’s really why you, my wonderful blog readers are here anyway, right? ¬†Leave me a comment and let me know that you were here. ¬†ūüôāBaby Plan photos of 6 month little girl, St Charles baby photography

Glad you stopped by. ¬†If you have a baby between the ages of newborn and 4 months (or if you are currently expecting a baby), give me a call to sign up for the Baby Steps Baby Plan. ¬†You’ll be happy you did. ¬†My favorite part of the plan is the 10×20 framed collage you get at the end of the year with one image from each session. ¬†It’s neat to see how much the baby has changed during the first year!

Talk to you very soon.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St Charles Baby Photography, serving St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding areas

Welcome Baby – 5 days old {St Charles Newborn Photographer}

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Newborn portraits are such a beautiful way to document a baby’s first days. ¬†Today I am pleased to share with you a collection of studio portraits from this beautiful family. ¬†At only 5 days old, she was a gem. ¬†I have photographed this wonderful family for a number of years. ¬†I met them when big sister was a newborn! ¬†Here’s big sister’s NEWBORN portrait session (on the old blog).

Photography for newborn baby in St. Charles and St Louis

I get asked all the time, “How early should we have our baby photographed?” ¬†My answer is always the same, “The SOONER the BETTER.” ¬†If you are expecting and are planning newborn portraits, remember that the adorable, curled-up poses are rarely achieved after a baby is 10-14 days old. ¬†Think about it. ¬†When a baby is inside the mommy, it’s legs and arms are curled tightly against the body. ¬†It’s a comfortable, familiar position. ¬†After 10 days or so, baby begins to stretch out and feel comfortable in these new positions and it’s much more difficult for your photographer to achieve those beautiful tight poses.

I just love photographing newborn sessions. ¬†I get to provide families with beautiful, professional portraits. ¬†I get to capture those days/moments which only last a short time. ¬†I know not all new mommies are ready to be photographed and that’s ok too. ¬†Some are, some aren’t. ¬†(We’ll just photograph dad and baby and use just your arms in an image or two). ¬† You are more than welcome to catch a few z’s on the couch while I create precious poses of your new little sweetheart.

Expectant moms should call the studio as soon as you know that you are pregnant to assure that we can fit your newborn appointment in to our schedule.  Keep us informed as the big day nears!

Fun fact: ¬†What happened 9-11 months ago? ¬† The St. Louis area (and many other places around the country) experienced days of snow storms. ¬†‘Nuf said???? ¬†LOL ¬†Baby boom is coming…

Call today to schedule your baby’s first portrait session! ¬†636-947-5956

Karen Thaemert, CPP

Your favorite St. Charles newborn photographer!

August 22-26 Gone Fishin’ LTD {St. Charles Children’s Photographer}

We’re going to transform the studio into a fishing pier – just without the bugs and the heat!

Toddler Boy with fishing pole, straw hat, on pier

What: Gone Fishin’ Limited Edition set-up one week only

When:  August 22-26

Where: The Studio

Who: Recommended for ages 9 months – age 4

Cost: $69 which includes one 5×7

Call today to schedule your child’s special portrait.

See all of the upcoming Limited Edition and Mini-Sessions by clicking HERE.  You may access that page at any time by clicking on the tab at the top, just above the blog header.

I’ve included a google calendar that lists ONLY Limited Edition and Mini-Sessions. ¬†Some spaces have already been scheduled for the Gone Fishin’ LTD for next month. ¬†Take a look at the calendar (you’ll have to scroll over to August 22 and following) and pick your time slot. ¬†If you want an evening space, those will become available after we receive all the school sports and dance calendars. ¬†At that time, the school-year evening hours schedule will also be set.

What is a Limited Edition or Mini-Session? ¬†For only a few days, we put together and bring out an elaborate set-up which is much more than a typical portrait session. ¬†It takes quite a bit of time and planning to get these sets prepared which is why it is only for a couple of days each year. ¬†Limited Edition sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes. ¬†The last time we did the Gone Fishin’ theme was in 2008 so you won’t want to miss out on this round!

Mini-Sessions are similar in that more props and planning are involved than for that of a regular portrait session, but they are based around a U.S. Holiday and are only 15-25 minutes long.  In addition, since we will only have 10-15 photos from which to choose after a mini-session, you are encouraged to view them before you leave the studio, and place your order at that time.  This expedited the ordering process and allows you to receive your portraits in time for the upcoming holiday!  All orders placed at the time of the mini-session will receive a 20% discount.

These are so much fun and your children will have a great time playing with unique props and set-ups (not to mention all the fun in the costumes and unique clothing).

Call today to schedule your LTD and Mini-sessions. ¬†If it’s on the calendar, it’s not too early to get scheduled! ¬†As of today, we have through February 2012 listed.

Talk to you soon.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St. Charles, MO – FUN photographer for babies, toddlers and children!

6 Months and Sitting Pretty in Pink {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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She’s sitting pretty in pink, silver, orange and even in the natural tones. ¬†LOL

Here’s a little girl from a family I’ve been photographing for the past few years. ¬†Her big brother has graced the blog a few times and so has she, already! ¬†I must say it again, but I absolutely love working with 6 month old babies. ¬†The milestone of being able to sit is so monumental. ¬†It makes a happy baby even happier (if that’s possible). ¬†From this little one, I captured sweet smiles, huge smiles, little grins and pretty much everything in-between.

I just adore the silver dress she’s wearing in this first pose. ¬†It’s so non-traditional and very beautiful all at once. ¬†I believe she is enamored with my youngest daughter who loves to help in the studio. ¬†Those of you who have met her will, no doubt, agree that she’s a very valuable asset to me during 6 and 9 month portrait sessions! ¬†She is “baby crazy” as we tell her. ¬†It’s a good thing too. ¬†I’m positive that the big huge grin in the second image is compliments of something fun and silly. ¬†She does silly things that only a 9-year old can do!

St Charles Baby Photographer, St. Louis, MO portrait of little girl

We really decked her out for this shot.  What more can a girl want than beads, flower headbands, fur and a very cute pink and white striped hat box?

Photography of baby girl sitting in pink hat box By St Charles Baby Photographer

St Charles baby photographer picture of 6 month old baby girl in necklace

This pose is my typical bowl shot.  We use it for the end-of-the-year collage in the baby plan.    The collage has one image from each session.  This 6-month pose in the bowl is one we often use for that series of photos.

St Charles baby photographer image of baby girl in bowl wearing orange

As you can see, it was a VERY fun photo session.  I think her mommy is already planning the next one (9 months).

Our baby plan is a 3-session plan which is typically between 3 months and 1 year of age. ¬†However, many of our clients like to come in for an optional 4th session. ¬†A 4-session baby plan is photographed at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old. ¬†Each one marks a new milestone. ¬†At 3 months, a baby is just holding up his or her head, at 6 months a baby learns to sit, at 9 months standing while holding on something is a great accomplishment and 12 months marks one year! ¬†Either way you do it, the Baby Steps plan is a great way to document your baby’s growth during the first year. ¬† I know how fast kids grow! ¬†Trust me. ¬†Don’t miss documenting this time in your baby’s life.

Come back soon.  I have much more to share.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St. Charles Baby Photographer

Expecting Baby Girl {St Charles Newborn Photographer}

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I’m excited to share a series of two sessions. ¬†It’s fun to meet an expecting couple, photograph, get to know them and then WAIT for the baby to arrive. ¬† I think sometimes I have as much anticipation awaiting the big day as the couple’s own family members. ¬†Today, I’m sharing a beautiful couple at the maternity portrait session and the arrival of their beautiful newborn, baby girl.

Purple was our color of choice for most of the two sessions and such an appropriate choice for baby girl photos.

St Charles Newborn Photographer Maternity Portrait in studio

We also pulled down the brown background for a very classy maternity portrait. ¬†Maternity sessions have so many possibilities. ¬† An expectant mother might bring all of her own clothes; she might bring anything from a beautiful dress to a man’s big white button down shirt or a favorite top. ¬†I also have a variety of fabrics in the studio with which to wrap the mom. ¬†Wraps can either cover the belly or leave it bare. ¬†The lighting in the studio is set so as to show off the beauty of the growing belly while still keeping it modest and hiding areas of “concern”. ¬† ¬†I have a number of wraps which cover bare arms and still allow the belly to show.

St Charles Newborn Photographer Maternity portrait with backlighting

This expectant dad was extremely fun at the maternity session.  We did have a few laughs and everything was all very relaxed!

St Charles Newborn Photographer expectant mom and husband portrait

Finally, for a clean, beautiful look, we photographed on the bright white background. ¬†It’s hard to believe that soon after, a beautiful baby girl arrived!

St Charles Newborn Photographer maternity portrait of couple

And now, I introduce to you their beautiful first born!!  She was such a wonderful little doll.

St Charles Newborn Photographer, baby girl portrait in studio

St Charles Newborn Photographer Sleeping baby girl portrait

This next photos are special since the knitted baby cocoon was made specially for her!  I love the colors and as a knit and crochet crafter myself, I really appreciate the love that went into creating it.  As an added bonus, she was extremely content inside the cocoon and posed perfectly for photos!

St Charles Newborn Photographer, Baby girl sleeping in basket portrait

St Charles Newborn Photographer Baby sleeping in blanket

And here’s a full image of the cocoon:

Sleeping baby girl portrait by St Charles Newborn Photographer

Happy, new parents…

Portrait of new family by St. Charles Newborn photographer

St. Charles newborn baby photographer "Lion King" pose of baby girl

To schedule your own maternity and/or newborn portrait session, call the studio at 636-947-5956.  Maternity portraits are normally photographed around 8 months and newborn portraits are best photographed before 10-14 days old (the younger the better they stay asleep and pose).  It is a good idea to schedule both a few months prior to your due date.  I am always flexible with moving a newborn session, but cannot guarantee an opening if you are not already on the calendar.

Looking forward to many more baby portraits!

Karen Thaemert, CPP

St. Charles newborn photographer & Maternity Photographer

Serving St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon, St. Louis, Florissant, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville and the surrounding areas

Growing Baby Newborn to 9 Months {Baby Plan Photographer, St. Charles, MO}

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When asked if I ever photograph babies, I often reply with the words, “That’s almost all I do”. ¬†The majority of my subjects are under 2-feet tall! ¬†May I introduce a sweet little member of the Baby Steps, first year plan. ¬†Her big sister is a Baby Steps graduate too, so I’ve enjoyed this family for a number of years. ¬†ūüôā

I am sharing images that go back to the newborn session since the blog was not updated last year.

The newborn session was wonderful.  She was sleepy and calm!  Her parents were great to work with and so photogenic.

Sleeping newborn baby girl on parent's hands

Portrait of baby girl in daddy's hands

Newborn portrait session of baby girl

And here are a couple from the 3 month session.

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

At 6 months, she was really starting to show her sweet personality.  She was happy to sit in any bowl, bucket or basket as well as directly on the floor.  There were so many sweet smiles and faces in these images from which to pick.

Baby's first year portrait, St. Charles, MO

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

And this leads us to the 9 month session. ¬†Again, she was just so easy to photograph! ¬†I love her smile and look how big she has gotten. ¬†At 9 months, standing is the big milestone. ¬†One of my favorite poses from her big sister’s 9 month session is one where she is standing at that same pink chair.

Baby Photography in St. Charles, MO

K Thaemert Photography baby plan portrait session

Baby Plan Portrait session for a baby girl

Don’t you just LOVE that purple tutu?

There are her first nine months… ¬†be on the lookout for the 1 year old session in a couple of months.

Enjoying my job as St. Charles’ favorite baby photographer!!!

Karen Thaemert