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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Growing Baby Newborn to 9 Months {Baby Plan Photographer, St. Charles, MO}

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When asked if I ever photograph babies, I often reply with the words, “That’s almost all I do”.  The majority of my subjects are under 2-feet tall!  May I introduce a sweet little member of the Baby Steps, first year plan.  Her big sister is a Baby Steps graduate too, so I’ve enjoyed this family for a number of years.  🙂

I am sharing images that go back to the newborn session since the blog was not updated last year.

The newborn session was wonderful.  She was sleepy and calm!  Her parents were great to work with and so photogenic.

Sleeping newborn baby girl on parent's hands

Portrait of baby girl in daddy's hands

Newborn portrait session of baby girl

And here are a couple from the 3 month session.

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

At 6 months, she was really starting to show her sweet personality.  She was happy to sit in any bowl, bucket or basket as well as directly on the floor.  There were so many sweet smiles and faces in these images from which to pick.

Baby's first year portrait, St. Charles, MO

Portrait session, baby's first year photos

And this leads us to the 9 month session.  Again, she was just so easy to photograph!  I love her smile and look how big she has gotten.  At 9 months, standing is the big milestone.  One of my favorite poses from her big sister’s 9 month session is one where she is standing at that same pink chair.

Baby Photography in St. Charles, MO

K Thaemert Photography baby plan portrait session

Baby Plan Portrait session for a baby girl

Don’t you just LOVE that purple tutu?

There are her first nine months…  be on the lookout for the 1 year old session in a couple of months.

Enjoying my job as St. Charles’ favorite baby photographer!!!

Karen Thaemert


What to Wear – Family Portraits {St Charles Family Photographer}

This blog has moved to the main studio website.  Please read this post and many newer ones here: St Charles Family Photographer | K Thaemert Photography

My friend and fellow photographer, Danielle Neil, from Columbus, OH,  posted some “what to wear ideas” last month on her blog.  Now that we’re moving into the Family Portrait season, it’s a great time to think about how you will coordinate your family for your own portraits.  There’s always the jeans and t-shirt idea, but what about something a little classier?

Often, it is easiest to shop at one or two stores.  When clothing stores release new clothing lines, they usually have a common theme or color and that helps you coordinate them.  I’m often asked questions if  they should match or coordinate?  My preference is that you coordinate because each person gets to be his or her own personality while still looking good within the group.

Now is the time to schedule your summer portrait session.  You want to have your first choice for your family photos!  We already have a number of June and July sessions scheduled and will continue to fill the calendar.  There are even a couple of fall sessions already booked!

Outdoor sibling portrait by St Charles Family Photographer

Family Portraits in St Peters Park by St Charles Family Photographer

family photos with dogs St Charles Family Photographer in St Peters park

St Charles Family Photographer studio portraits of family

I hope these examples and the ones from Danielle will give you some ideas with your own summer outfit choices.  Have a TERRIFIC time shopping.  Don’t stress over it, and we’ll have a great time.  Remember to call me soon for both summer AND fall appointments.

Your choice for family and group photography in St. Charles, St. Peters and the surrounding St. Louis area.

Karen Thaemert – family photographer

Meet the happiest little girl! {St Charles Baby Photographer}

The blog has moved to the main website.  Please view this post and many newer ones here: St Charles Baby Photographer | K Thaemert Photography

I get to photograph many babies throughout the year.  Some are happy, some are stoic, some are curious and this little girl was SO, SO very happy.  At her 9 month appointment, we laughed the entire time.  Her mouth was wide open in the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.  Usually I’m trying all my tricks to get wide smiles.  This time, I was trying to find ways to get her to close her mouth!  LOL

Here are a few from her 6 months session:

6 Month baby girl studio portrait by St Charles Baby Photographer

6 Month little girl portrait by St Charles Baby Photographer

And now, a few from the 9 month Happy Baby session!

9 Month baby girl portrait by St Charles Baby Photographer

9 Month baby girl close-up by St Charles Baby Photographer

9 Month little girl on purple by St Charles Baby Photographer

9 Month baby girl very happy by St Charles Baby Photographer

Can you tell we had a laughing good time at her baby plan portrait session?  I’m sure her family just adores every minute they spend playing with her!  I can’t wait for the 1 year appointment.  🙂

The baby plan is 3 or 4 appointments during baby’s first year.  Come to 3, 6, 9, 12 month sessions or just  3 times between 3 and 12 months as it best fits your schedule.  We’ll document your baby’s milestones and amazing growth through the 1st birthday.

Call today if you are expecting or have a new baby.  Visit the Baby Plan Information Page for all the specifics!

Karen Thaemert

St Charles Baby Photographer