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Another 1 Year Old {Baby Photographer in St. Charles}

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Sigh… It’s hard to believe that another of my little baby plan babies has turned one. What’s even more difficult to comprehend is the fact that I photographed big sister throughout her first year and beyond. Time really does fly. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching your own children grow or some one else’s family. I guess that’s why my job is so important. I get to freeze a few moments every couple of months/years and preserve expressions, memories, chunky cheeks (and legs). I am so thankful to be a part of your lives. ūüôā

This was a typical 1-year session. We got some formal poses, some informal ones, a few playing, some in the bucket and even a couple with big sis. I just love all the many expressions I got from her. (If memory serves correctly, it was probably my little helper, Sarah, who got all these expressions).

One year old studio portraits in St. Louis area by St Charles Baby Photographer

Our studio specializes in all things baby! ¬†From maternity to toddler days and beyond, we are equipped for the little ones. ¬†Older children can play in a fully-stocked toy area only steps from where we are photographing. ¬†Our residential studio is both comfortable and familiar for your young family. ¬†Joining the Baby Steps, Baby’s first year program¬†means you’ll capture important milestones in your baby’s life. ¬† You’ll receive a beautiful, 10×20 framed collage with one image from each session. ¬†That’s a gorgeous keepsake you will always treasure!

Call Karen today or Click here to Email to sign up.   Remember, we photograph numerous babies for the plan and most families schedule 3-4 months in advance before they leave the studio at a current session.   Please call today if you want your first choice for session times!

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Karen Thaemert, CPP

Serving St. Charles, St. Peters and the surrounding areas.



Sweet 1 year old {St Charles Baby Photographer}

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Today I want to share an adorable little girl at her 12 month photo session. ¬†She was part of the Baby’s First Year portrait plan. ¬†Each of her sessions were cuter than the previous. ¬†This one was probably my favorite one! ¬†She really liked posing for me. ¬†The cake shots were pretty much perfect (she smiled, made a little mess but not too much, and I got some great shots), she loved the bubble bath in the yellow bucket and dare I say it? ¬†She posed just perfectly in the bath towel.

It’s funny. ¬†I get the bath towel shot only about 25% of the time. ¬†Most babies are pretty much done with photos by that point and would much rather crawl around and get OUT of the towel. ¬†This was a nice change!

Don’t you just LOVE the colors from this session? ¬†The soft pink, tan and yellow coordinate just perfectly. ¬†Oh, and I got to use my favorite painted drop again! ¬†Double score!!

St Charles Baby Photographer First Birthday portraits

The Baby Steps, First Year plan is a great way to document your baby’s first year. ¬†It’s crazy how much babies change in that first year! ¬†The plan is for 3 (or 4) sessions between the ages of 3 months and 1 year. ¬†Most of our clients opt in for that 4th session. ¬† ¬†If you sign up for 3 sessions, you will bring your baby at the ages of 3 or 4 months, again at 6 or 7 months and finally at 12 months. ¬†For the 4-session plan, you simply bring baby at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. ¬†Those ages coordinate with the ¬†stages of the first year (holding head up, sitting, standing, first birthday).

This current Baby Plan has been an active part of our studio for the past five years and our clients LOVE it.  Call today if you have a new baby to schedule your first year sessions.

Karen Thaemert, CPP

The FAVORITE St. Charles baby photographer!


Baby Turns 1 {St Charles baby Photography}

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Wondering what you missed in 2010 when my blog was MIA???This little sweetie at her newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months sessions… that’s what!

Newborn Baby Girl Portrait Session by St Charles Newborn Photography

Photo of baby, age 3 Months by St Charles Baby Photography

3 Months Old

Photo of baby girl at 6 months, St Charles Baby Photography

6 Months Old

Photo of baby girl, standing St Charles Baby Photography

9 Months Old

So, now, it’s 2011 and she’s just turned 1 year old!! ¬†I’ve had a terrific year with this family. ¬†We smile and laugh quite a bit at each session. ¬†I’m so thankful to know them and look forward to many more sessions in the future!

Happy birthday to you….

Photo of little 1 year old girl St Charles Baby Photography

1 Year Old

Photo of 1 year old girl on pink chair St Charles Baby Photography

1 Year Old

Photo of a 1 year old girl with her birthday cake St Charles Baby Photography

1 Year Old with cake!

Karen Thaemert, St Charles Baby Photography

St. Charles, MO